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Metropolitan Homes is a family owned business actively operating since 1981. Our operations started when there were pulled down gates and abandoned properties in South Jamaica, Bushwick, Park Slope and Williamsburg.


We studied and planned carefully and launched our operations with the aim to develop and promote the communities that matter the most to real estate consumers.

Since our inception, we have purchased, renovated and sold more than 2500 homes in all boroughs of New York City. We posses the capability to cater for everyone of all cultures and ethnicity's in the real estate market. Nothing is too large or too small, or different for us to provide. 

As the real estate industry changed over the years, we have acquired multifamily buildings which enabled us to provide decent living to communities in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Manhattan as well as to allow retail businesses that serve these communities.


Metropolitan Homes has enhanced its capabilities in current endeavors which includes residential condominiums and high-rise luxury apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We employ the most reputable professionals, including top architects and contractors in our quest to provide the best for our consumers.


Our staff includes an in house acquisitions team, expediter, paralegal, field staff and rental and construction managers, who tend to our customers, tenants and purchasers. They are available to contact at any time.  


Our vast business retains services of law firms located in Nassau County, Brooklyn, and Manhattan


Metropolitan Homes is a successful business operation and is over and above the average in all aspects of real estate.


We are most confident in our operations and invite you to view our entire profile online.

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